Concert Dates

2019-2020 Season

There might be one or two concerts on a concert day beginning at 1:45 or 2:00. Your specific concert time will be posted on the Concert Times as soon as the information becomes available, which is usually one week prior to the concert date.

There will be no auditions for concerts, however the club organizers reserve the right to refuse future participation in club performances to students that are found to be consistently unprepared for concerts. High level of preparation is expected from students. Memorization is mandatory, except in chamber music.

There will be no Gala concert in this season. All six concerts are open to all members of the club.

Concert date Location Application deadline
Nov 9, 2019 Woodroffe United Oct 19, 2019
Jan 18, 2020 Woodroffe United Dec 28, 2019
Feb 22, 2020 Woodroffe United Feb 1, 2020
Mar 14, 2020 Woodroffe United Feb 22, 2020
Mar 28, 2020 First Unitarian Mar 7, 2020
May 23, 2020 Woodroffe United May 2, 2020