Performance Application Process

Teachers are not required to apply for membership.

Thank you for your interest in performing at our club, but please be advised that we cannot consider concert performances unless a membership application.

Please kindly note that a membership ID will be assigned to you as your membership registration form and payment are received. This ID is required as proof of membership when you complete your performance application. A Membership ID Directory is maintained on our site for your convenience.

Application forms for concerts must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the concert date. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The specific deadlines are listed with the Concert Dates page.

Concert Performance Application

Accurate timing is essential for concert scheduling. There should be no repeats during performances. Students are allowed up to two selections per concert, providing they meet the following timing limits:

RCM Grade Total Length
Grade 7 and under 4 min
Grade 8 and 9 6 min
Grade 10 8 min
ARCT 10 min


Requests for specific concert time will be accommodated in cases where accompanists are involved. Please specify the name of your accompanist on your application form.