Donations are appreciated and can be mailed to the address below, or e-Transferred.
Teacher Memberships are no longer required!

To perform in OWJMC concerts, the performers must have registered for membership for the current season before their first concert application.

Family Membership

Cost for family with one child performing $65
Cost for additional child(ren) performing $35

Online Family Membership Registration

PDF Printed Family Membership Registration Form

Membership ID Directory


Please completed your membership registration form online. As an alternate option a PDF printed copy can be completed and mailed to the Treasurer listed below.

Donations to help support the club are always appreciated and can be sent to the Treasurer as well. Bank e-Transfers are also accepted.

PayPal Donations are also now possible:

* As of 2021 Bank e-Transfers are now accepted and can be sent to

  • It is important to ensure your Member Id, Head of Family or Performer name(s) are included in the e-Transfer memo text.
  • Non-member donations are always welcomed. If this is the case then you can optionally include your affiliation to current member(s) or simply state you want to express support for the club.

Please make cheques payable to “Ottawa West Junior Music Club“, with the name(s) of the Performer, Head of Family or Member ID clearly printed within the memo section.

OWJMC Treasurer
117 Greenfield Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario

Please send in your membership application online or by mail only, as we are not available to receive applications in person.

Thank you for your support!