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Please submit your applications by the deadline published on Concert Dates. Please submit ONLY ONE application per performer for each concert! If you are performing more than one selection in the same concert then use the Add button located within the Performance Information section.

The Membership ID Directory can be found here.


  1. You need to register for a new membership each season.
  2. Your concert starting time may vary depending on the number of concerts being held on the particular concert date.
  3. Please check the Concert Dates page for times and performer and program information before your concert date to confirm the specific concert time. Typically this will be made available one week prior to the concert.
  4. Please ensure that the application is fully completed before submitting.

Performance Application Webform
You can find your ID on the Membership ID Directory page. Please select your Membership Id or 2022-23-0000-0 if your Id is missing.
Performer Name
Performer Name
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Musical instrument. Only one instrument is allowed per concert.

Total and total duration of all pieces. See Performance Application Process for maximum total duration time allowed.

Performance Information

List all pieces to be performed. Current maximum is 2 pieces.
Piece length (minutes).

If you are requesting a particular concert time, please provide a VALID reason. We will attempt to accommodate any special requests but note that this is no guaranteed. Notes are not mandatory and can be left blank.

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